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Energy Efficient Home Renovation Ideas

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 in Home Building, Home Renovation | 0 comments

Energy Efficient Home Renovation Ideas

Living in an energy efficient home is no longer a buzzword for most home builders; it has in fact become a way of life for most households. However, before you begin the implementation process, you need to perform an audit to determine your position. The energy audit should cover all the areas that needs to be improved; you can actually hire the services of a qualified energy professional or firm to inspect your home. There are many things home owners in Melbourne can do, to make their home’s energy efficient. These ideas range from making energy saving purchases to implementing simple energy saving routines. It is important to note that the whole idea of reducing energy cost comes with lifestyle changes.

Seal Proofing Your Home The first thing you need to do, when undertaking an energy saving home renovation exercise, is consider sealing and insulating your home. Heating and cooling accounts for the largest portion of energy expenses at home, estimated at a staggering 45%. The implementation process is done by sealing the cracks and gaps on attics, doors, windows and your basement. You have to ensure that temperature in your house is not easily interchangeable depending on the weather or temperature conditions outside your home. Another solution is to use materials that has high thermal resistance which is the next tip we will discuss. Switch to Energy Efficient Building Materials This might sound very costly, but if you really analyse the situation, the result of this method will give you life long energy savings. Home renovation or builders may not always use these kind of materials as they need to meet your requirements ie. style, budget & other factors so whenever cutting energy cost is one of your priority make sure to mention this to your home builder so that they can advice you of the best options available. Cool Roofing

Cool Roofing Source: Home Energy Efficient

Cool roofing technologies or techniques are now widely available for any household. Home renovation builders uses materials or treatments that will reflect the sunlight, or heat, back to the atmosphere to maintain the cool temperature of your home. These are just some of the energy efficient techniques in building homes as today, we have wide options to cut energy costs depending on your budget & other factors involved on creating an energy efficient home. Delaware Homes prides itself in providing unmatched services when it comes to home renovations and extensions. Our services are undertaken by a team of highly trained home design experts which are available around the clock to design & build your home at pocket friendly prices.   Call us now at 03 9886 0066 and convert your home into an energy efficient house today!