Home Extension 1

Home Extension 1

Quality Home Extensions Service in Melbourne

Delaware Homes’s home extensions services to expand your effective space significantly! So, what are home extensions? Why you need to extend your home?

When homeowners decide to invest in their current abode instead of purchasing property elsewhere quality home extension may come in handy. Some of the typical reasons to go for such undertakings are,

  • Space requirement for a growing family
  • Need for home modernisation
  • For financial gain or investment option
  • Changes necessitated by lifestyle improvements

Why invest in a new property when your existing one could do very well with ingenious incorporation and expansions? So do not sell, instead keep your current home, albeit in a refreshed and newly remodeled format. With us at the helm, you won’t regret this decision!

One Stop for Your Home Extensions need in Melbourne

We are your one-stop solution provider for home extensions in Melbourne… your MASTER BUILDER! With years of experience behind us in this kind of projects, you can depend upon us for latest building trends, designs, materials, technologies and services. Do you know what the main reason is behind our unprecedented success in our chosen field? We love what we do!

What do you want to add to your existing home space? Is it an additional bedroom, family room, home office, second storey, master bedroom, studio, kitchen extension, room retreat, bathroom, living area, laundry, sun room or anything else? Whatever feels free to contact us and we will help you to make your dream come true to the best of our abilities.

Why Choose Delaware Homes for Your Home Extensions?

Choose Delaware Homes for your extension projects because we have an uncanny ability to gauge your needs and offer tailor made solutions that fit your lifestyle, timeline and budget. What’s more, by choosing us you will be doing yourself a favor. Save time and money, because with our specialist services you will get everything that you need under one big umbrella. So, no need to go anywhere else, ever again!

Consider how much worry and hassles you’d have faced by opting for relocating or rebuilding instead of home extensions? We make sure that you refrain from such unnecessary trouble to choose the easiest recourse instead. Going for extensions is a commendable decision no doubt, especially when you choose us for the job, the leading service provider in Melbourne!

We are Licensed Home Extensions Builders

To take the worry from your home extension projects you will be glad to know that Delaware Homes are fully licensed builders registered with the Board of Building Practitioners! All our services come with SEVEN YEARS GUARANTY!

The Costs included in Home Extensions

How much will home extensions cost? It will depend upon the size of your project. What kind of work you require done? For example, a double storey with say six-room addition will, naturally, cost more than something as small conservatory won’t it? So, simply call us on 03 9886 0066 without fail for our FREE quotes to get your budget in order!

Home Extension 2

Home Extension 2