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5 Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Posted on Feb 5, 2015 in Home Renovation | 0 comments

There’s a popular phrase that says “It’s better to be lucky than good.” It can be quite polarizing for the individuals who believe that working hard is the right path to go to. For a blue-collared kind of person’s standpoint, being industrious will instil a lot of good traits. However, in the world of Feng Shui, or in layman’s term, a Chinese theoretical system that helps blend everything around, the phrase we have mentioned above holds a lot weight. As we may all know, it is now practiced all throughout the planet. The system has been so widely used and recognized that it comes as a regular fixture when planning the home’s structure and interior. It can sure sound bizarre for skeptics, but as they say, “there’s no harm in trying.” And also, how can you not give it a shot if simple arrangements can promise you a life of wealth and success? Feng Shui’s rules are simple. Here are some of its basic principles that you ought to try.




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This is probably the first thing you have to do when you start on optimizing your home for the process. Keep in mind that one of Feng Shui’s key points is making a house have an open entry for energy to come in. Mess and clutters are the odd one out on this. Clear out the path as widely as you can and make way for all the positivity. Not only is this good Feng Shui, it also makes your home cleaner and brighter than before.



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It may seem that this rule is tailor-made for the female gender but it is sure to bring pleasantry for you and your home. Much like the previous entry, it is believed that plants and flowers bring in a very positive vibe. For the flowers, keep in mind that the ones with thorns should be avoided if the thorns cannot be removed. Fruits, on the other hand, will give you a better health, good luck, wealth, and prosperity. According to various studies, this is one of the most-followed guidelines in all of Feng Shui, which is evident to houses usually having a bowl of fruit in their dining table.



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In this particular rule, the main point is giving wealth. Water is an element that represents a couple of things, once of which is fortune. Remember that having this one around is not enough. It is a must that you keep it clear and clean. The minute it goes stagnant, put them away and bring in a new one. Its refreshing aura helps the chances of bringing you an undeniable wealth. Aside from the wealth, the element also promises to provide deep, calming, pure, and peaceful atmosphere. Your home’s supply of the water element is not limited to having an actual clear liquid around. You can also display pictures that have body of water and the like.



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Colours play a great part in Feng Shui. Each has its own meaning and it is essential to blend one from the other as it vibrates with its own frequency. It has the ability to alter a room’s vibe in an instant.

For a quick guide, here’s a review what certain colours mean in Feng Shui:

RED – Passion, excitement, stimulation, power,GREEN – Calm, relaxation, balance, peace, tranquillity

ORANGE – Cheerfulness, sociability, stimulation

BLUE – Calm, healing, soothness, relaxation, trust, security

PURPLE – Abundance, nobility, dignity

BROWN – Stability, reliance, comfort, inexpensive

WHITE – Innocence, clarity, purity, openness

BLACK – Elegance, sophistication, power, mysteriousness



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This is arguably one of their most well-known guidelines. The round symbol is everything in Feng Shui. Every expert of the industry will tell you to avoid sharp lines and corners. According to its rules, not only does it attract negative energy, it also represents an end. As opposed to the circle, which symbolizes eternity as it has no corner or an end. Additionally, the round shape also means activeness, energy, and movement. It is also linked to metals, which as we may all know, creates water, a strong representation of wealth in Feng Shui. Keep in mind that placing round-shaped objects in your house is not enough, it is also important to blend in the right colours. Pick the ones that are very soothing.


So, there you have it. We believe that after this “crash course” in Feng Shui, you at the very least have an idea of what it really is. Put all of this in perspective, mix it with diligence and faith, and you can expect good things to come to your life. Feng Shui offers two amazing things life, not only does it offer improvement in your life, it also presents you a beautiful interior plan. It’s an investment that lets you win in more ways than one.

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