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Renovate or Relocate? Top 7 Reasons of Home Renovation

Posted on Dec 6, 2014 in Home Renovation | 0 comments


The place you live is the best place for you. You love your home and associated memories. Great place, street, humble neighbors, good commute time and everything just perfect. The only thing you don’t like about your house is not the way you want it to be. For whatever reasons – you want more privacy, improved space, your lounge areas is too small to accommodate well or you just need extra space better living – you must consider various reasons to hold on with your existing house.

There are several options other than moving to a new house and buy somewhere else. You do not need to rebuild or pull down your house. A well done renovation can offer the space and lifestyle you’re looking for. Let’s study those reasons for which you should renovate your existing house instead of moving to a new one!


1. This is Cost-Effective

Rather than moving if you renovate, it will save you money on buying, selling and shifting costs, logistics and agent fees and many more expenses. In building a new house, it will incur site costs, gardens, fences, landscaping, pools, paving, flooring, driveways, etc. Isn’t it wise to rather spend funds in your existing house and catapult your lifestyle, then handing it over to someone else?

2. Leaving Behind Memories

On moving to a new place you will have to leave behind the house that is filled with your memories. I am sure you would never like to leave behind the memories by pulling down the home.

3. It Reduces Stress

Moving to a new house can be one of the life’s most strenuous stages. But through renovation, you can reduce the entire stress level without shifting and demolishing the essence of family and settling into entirely a different and new place and neighborhood.

Instead, you can renovate and customize your house suiting your requirements. You are well aware of what’s needed in your house, as you’ve well aware of the house and have been living for years.

4. Your Lifestyle

Retaining and renovating the existing home, you can retain the character, the architecture and style your house depicts. We can keep the design and the architectures you admire, and carry all those design components through from your current house to your newly renovated home.

5. Safe and Secure

You have warded off any need to expose to the inconvenience and risk of having people walking through your entire house for inspections, most of them would not buy your home in case you wish to move to new home selling out the existing one. Renovating it would keep it safe and secure.

6. Not to Let Out

In renovation, you do not need to stay away from your home. Professional renovation service providers follow right property protection and non-disruption steps while giving a new shape and design to your house. You can live while they work. It reduces the cost of renting a new house as you will in case you pull down and reconstruct or in case you sell your property.

7. It’s Faster

The average renovation may take 3 months, but there are renovating companies, that can give you exact commencement and completion dates. But if you’re constructing elsewhere, you may need to wait till you sell your old house and get a new one. If you want to ‘just’ purchase a new house and shift, you may have to hunt for a new house, and then sell the old one. Or often you may come to know that your dream home is not within your budget or just doesn’t exist.


Given the above reasons, We are sure you would have taken the most suitable decision if you want to move to a new house or keep your old house with plans to renovate! The choice is entirely yours! We can help you to renovate your home as per your needs.