Room Extensions in Melbourne

With the growth in the number of your family members you may have the urge to have additional space through room extensions. You may also need additional office room in order to cope up with the increased work flow and staff. An addition to the existing rooms or second storey additions is a complicated job and if you intend to have in your Melbourne home, Delaware Homes is your best choice. With over 20 years of experience in renovation and addition jobs, we guarantee quality service at the most competitive charges.

Now, when you have decided to go for the extension of a room in your existing domestic or commercial building, it becomes pertinent to ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • Maximum utilization of the available space
  • Positioning and connection in the room to other rooms
  • Apt design and suitable estimate (the room should be comfortable to the dwellers and besides has appealed to the visitors)
  • Timely completion of the work
  • Usage of quality materials
  • Perfect finishing with an aesthetic look

All the above factors are fully complied by Delaware Homes, located in Blackburn, VIC, Australia. We provide hassle free services by doing the following:

  • Obtaining clearance from town planning authorities for taking up the work of room extension
  • Procuring quality materials at the most competitive rates
  • Coordinating with contractors for ensuring completion of the work as scheduled
  • Providing insurances and warranties

So, next time when you think of extending your room, think of Delaware Homes. We know exactly how to infuse the space to your adobe of love. We can be contacted on 03 9886 0066 for instant support.