Delaware Homes has been innovatively transforming homes to meet modern needs in a creative and unique manner. Our forte is home extension design and building, and renovation, which seamlessly blends with the existing house. Committed to delivering unmatched excellence in designing, construction, and renovation, we provide the best solutions that meet your unique needs and budget. From room extension to impressive home extensions, our services will leave you spellbound and fascinated. style to an existing residence that may offer ultra modern living for the extension whilst retaining the character of an existing building. Our Team specialise in Extensions and Renovations as this type of work is significantly different from new home construction because there are many other factors to consider. As part of the process we can advise if it is best for you to stay at the site during construction or if it is advisable to move out. We can accurately indicate the time it will take to complete your project.

Our aim is to Design-not just draw plans. Our creative and experienced design team will design and create spaces which fulfil the client’s brief. Attention to detail is critical for creating a quality product, therefore we work closely with our clients to address all elements of the project.